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Samuel Palmer - Study of Waves (detail)


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they don’t deserve you, then. 

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Tests, screen grabs and digital collages for WAR, by Nick Knight



(trans people have existed for literally centuries)

(non-binary people too)

(the only reason you hear more about trans people now is because its actually a little more safe to explore your gender than ever before)

(did you think of that. did you use your brain for more than one second)

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An eating disorder can be

  • binging
  • purging
  • restricting
  • fasting
  • eating only healthy food
  • eating only junk food
  • excessively exercising
  • any type of disordered eating

So please don’t assume that just because someone is overweight or a normal weight that they don’t have a serious problem. Eating disorders are not diagnosed by your appearance. 


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{ my angels }

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